A brief aside: Video Productions

On a slightly different note, I'd like to showcase my award-winning video production here. These two won a total of $2500 in a competition sponsored by UCLA Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering: https://youtu.be/f7p6amCP1yI https://youtu.be/_Y5I557Rmx8 These were produced for UCLA California NanoSystems Institute. https://youtu.be/QACRvcLV2gM https://youtu.be/M-cw6pK_IEY These two bike safety videos each won $200 in a contest sponsored… Continue reading A brief aside: Video Productions

Jupyter Notebook Explorations

I've recently been getting to know the Jupyter Notebook environment. It's a very convenient development environment for many languages, but is well-known as the evolution of the iPython Notebook. Jupyter works by starting a server on your own computer to execute python (or another language) code. The notebook is rendered in a web browser and… Continue reading Jupyter Notebook Explorations

Statistical Diversions: Collinear Predictors

Collinear predictors present a challenge in model construction and interpretation. This topic is covered in intuitive and engaging style in Chapter 5 of the excellent book Statistical Rethinking, by Richard McElreath. Collinear predictors refers to when predictor variables correlate strongly with one another. To see why this can be a problem, consider the following example. Let's… Continue reading Statistical Diversions: Collinear Predictors