AutoML: cutting through the hype

Are the machines getting too smart? Winning at chess, Go, Starcraft, and now, maybe, winning at machine learning. I set out to find out what AutoML means and what it can actually deliver. AutoML is reportedly at the peak of its hype cycle, so what is it, and does it work? Is it amazing? Or… Continue reading AutoML: cutting through the hype

Query optimization with SQLite and Redis caching

We can't be waiting around for five seconds for a database to respond. When we are young we believe the SQL execution engine will handle everything and make sure we get our results on time. Sadly, this is not the case, at least in my experience. I'll walk through the evolution of one SQL query,… Continue reading Query optimization with SQLite and Redis caching

Making sense of confusion matrices: ROC vs PR (precision-recall) and other metrics

Confusion matrices are simple in principle: four numbers that describe the performance of a binary classifier. Yet a full understanding of the behavior and meaning of a confusion matrix is far more subtle than it would appear based on the existence of just four numbers. This is a confusion matrix. Looks simple right? Accuracy The… Continue reading Making sense of confusion matrices: ROC vs PR (precision-recall) and other metrics

Latent semantic indexing: practical example of document categorization with topic modeling

Let's talk about latent semantic indexing. We all know machine learning is magical. One of the most magical things I've seen machine learning do is document categorization. What is latent semantic indexing? Let's say you have 10,000 text documents and you'd like to know what categories or topics exist. Machine learning can define the categories… Continue reading Latent semantic indexing: practical example of document categorization with topic modeling

The problems with the simulation argument

We're all living in a simulation. Or so the argument goes. Lots of people, not least Elon Musk, make this argument or something like it: Technology increases over time. Eventually, the technology to create a simulation as complex as our world will exist. Therefore life-like simulations are inevitable and more numerous than base realities. Ergo,… Continue reading The problems with the simulation argument

5 Pitfalls & Solutions for Today’s Data Leaders

The data revolution is in full swing: data science practitioners are prospering and creating huge value for their companies. Despite this success, data science leaders across the industry are facing stress and difficult conditions. Data leaders must avoid these pitfalls to succeed and generate value for their organizations. Limited Experience Pitfall #1: Because the field… Continue reading 5 Pitfalls & Solutions for Today’s Data Leaders

Analyzing resumes with data science

Ever wonder if there is a "secret code" for resumes, some key words that will actually make you stand out? It turns out there are indeed some very characteristic differences between experienced and novice resumes. Gathering Resume Data Resumes from an resume search were used to analyze the differences between experienced and inexperienced resumes. For maximum… Continue reading Analyzing resumes with data science