Explainable machine learning: the next frontier

It's time for machine learning to grow up. Machine learning has proved valuable in many areas of technology and business. ML has a seat at the table, but for ML to truly mature, we need to know we can trust it. For ML to integrate more fully and contribute everything it can, people need to… Continue reading Explainable machine learning: the next frontier


The problems with the simulation argument

We're all living in a simulation. Or so the argument goes. Lots of people, not least Elon Musk, make this argument or something like it: Technology increases over time. Eventually, the technology to create a simulation as complex as our world will exist. Therefore life-like simulations are inevitable and more numerous than base realities. Ergo,… Continue reading The problems with the simulation argument

The catastrophe in Minnesota higher education funding

Minnesota state funding for its flagship university has plummeted nearly 50% as a fraction of the total budget, according to an analysis of budget documents from the University of Minnesota and the state of Minnesota. In 2009, University funding made up 4.28% of the state budget but in 2017 it made up only 2.39%, a… Continue reading The catastrophe in Minnesota higher education funding

Why do colleges have athletics programs?

$12.50 per semester. That's the stadium fee at the University of Minnesota that all students are forced to pay. TCF Bank Stadium was completed in 2009. As a student of the university at the time, the $300 million stadium was hard to swallow. Typical, I thought, of the greedy administrators to spend lavishly on athletics while… Continue reading Why do colleges have athletics programs?

This job has a surprisingly rosy outlook

How will you plan your next vacation? Travel agents were once the method of choice for booking your next getaway. Now, online applications have allowed consumers to directly navigate complex purchase decisions like airline tickets. So travel agents are going the way of film projection operators, right? A surprising comeback After some difficult years, travel… Continue reading This job has a surprisingly rosy outlook

5 Pitfalls & Solutions for Today’s Data Leaders

The data revolution is in full swing: data science practitioners are prospering and creating huge value for their companies. Despite this success, data science leaders across the industry are facing stress and difficult conditions. Data leaders must avoid these pitfalls to succeed and generate value for their organizations. Limited Experience Pitfall #1: Because the field… Continue reading 5 Pitfalls & Solutions for Today’s Data Leaders