Bayesian Updating, Part 1

I'm reading the new statistics textbook 'Statistical Rethinking' by Richard McElreath. Chapter 2 is heavily about the topic of Bayesian updating. That is, producing a posterior distribution from a prior distribution and a new piece of data. I'll paraphrase one of the exercises here: Suppose there are two species of panda bear. Both are equally common… Continue reading Bayesian Updating, Part 1


Traversing TCGA: Implementing an Interactive Web Application

This is the 6th and (probably?) final post in my series Traversing TCGA. So far, I have downloaded, extracted cleaned and analyzed data from The Cancer Genome Atlas for acute myeloid leukemia (AML) patients. I have used python to perform linear regressions of patient survival against various clinical data. Now I have made it available as an… Continue reading Traversing TCGA: Implementing an Interactive Web Application