Bayesian Updating, Part 1

I'm reading the new statistics textbook 'Statistical Rethinking' by Richard McElreath. Chapter 2 is heavily about the topic of Bayesian updating. That is, producing a posterior distribution from a prior distribution and a new piece of data. I'll paraphrase one of the exercises here: Suppose there are two species of panda bear. Both are equally common… Continue reading Bayesian Updating, Part 1

Learning Git

One of the biggest differences between writing academic code and writing production code is the emphasis on readability, maintainability and traceability. While academic code is often only needed once, and used by one or a few people with a low turnover rate, production code is used over and over again, must be adaptable to change… Continue reading Learning Git

Traversing TCGA: Implementing an Interactive Web Application

This is the 6th and (probably?) final post in my series Traversing TCGA. So far, I have downloaded, extracted cleaned and analyzed data from The Cancer Genome Atlas for acute myeloid leukemia (AML) patients. I have used python to perform linear regressions of patient survival against various clinical data. Now I have made it available as an… Continue reading Traversing TCGA: Implementing an Interactive Web Application