5 Pitfalls & Solutions for Today’s Data Leaders

The data revolution is in full swing: data science practitioners are prospering and creating huge value for their companies. Despite this success, data science leaders across the industry are facing stress and difficult conditions. Data leaders must avoid these pitfalls to succeed and generate value for their organizations. Limited Experience Pitfall #1: Because the field… Continue reading 5 Pitfalls & Solutions for Today’s Data Leaders

How I got into data science

In the third year of my PhD, I had a decision to make. Research, especially the academic kind, just wasn't working for me. I was getting results and publications, but knew that it could never be a lifelong career for me. Things moved slowly. I disliked the territorialism and being a master of abstractions, outside… Continue reading How I got into data science

Analyzing resumes with data science

Ever wonder if there is a "secret code" for resumes, some key words that will actually make you stand out? It turns out there are indeed some very characteristic differences between experienced and novice resumes. Gathering Resume Data Resumes from an indeed.com resume search were used to analyze the differences between experienced and inexperienced resumes. For maximum… Continue reading Analyzing resumes with data science